CCDO Cards

Make sure you’ve got the right CCDO card for the job.

The Virtual Smartcard will have the following information stored electronically on your device:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Health and Safety Test Results
  • Qualifications/Occupations
  • Industry Endorsements
  • Type of Card

Please be aware that the NDTG may amend or remove information about qualifications you hold after your card has been issued. We may also cancel your card and remove it from Vircarda.

Card Checking: Important Information

Your card can be checked on site using software called Go Smart. Go Smart is available for the following platforms:

  • PCs and laptops running Windows – the PC/laptop needs to have a camera or QR reader connected to it. This version of Go Smart is available as a free download from
  • Android devices. This is available as a free app from Google Play.
  • Windows smartphones. This is available as a free app in the Windows store.
  • IPhones from iPhone 5 onwards. This is available as a free app from the App Store.

To enable someone to check your card using Go smart, all you will need to do is touch the Read Card option in Vircarda. This will generate a secure QR code that can be read only by Go Smart.

Go Smart can check cards both offline and online.

When your card is checked online, Go Smart will connect to our database and download your card data, before displaying your details on screen. When your card is checked offline, Go Smart will confirm that your card is genuine and the person checking your card will then carry out a visual check of the card on your device. When online connectivity becomes available later on, Go Smart will connect to our database and download your card data.

Provided you have not switched off notifications on your smartphone or tablet, you will receive a notification confirming your card has been read. From time to time you may receive other notifications from us as well – to warn you that your card is about to expire for example.

We keep a log of all online card checks and any changes made to your card. This log is used for support and security purposes, for helping us understand how cards are being used and for producing statistics about card use. The log file is maintained by Reference Point Ltd, the provider of our smartcard ecosystem, acting as a data processor on our behalf.

When your card is read electronically, a copy of your card is recorded by Go Smart along with the time and location, where available. This provides a log of the cards that have been checked for the person checking your card. Go Smart enables the person who has checked your card to forward a copy of your data to someone else – someone at head-office for example. Before doing this, the card checker must inform you who the data will be sent to and what it will be used for.

Your card can also be checked electronically by some other software systems. Data protection laws require that, before reading your card, the users of these systems must tell you if they are going to keep a copy of your data and what it will be used for.

Download the Vircarda app to store all of your cards on your mobile phone!