Coronavirus (COVID-19) Standard Operating Procedures

The following Site Operating Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures are based on the guidance laid out by the British Government and Build-UK on the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) and the Advice on Temporary Suspension of Sites, was produced by the Construction Leadership Council.

New guidance from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health has been published and sets out the vital role OSH professionals have to play in preventing the spread of coronavirus. This guidance was produced on the 30th of March 2020 and was based on the latest information available at the time.

At this time only sites in England and Wales are operational due to the comments by RH Michael Gove that construction in the open air may continue. However, many sites are closing or will close temporarily, whether through choice or because it will not be possible to comply with the Standard Operating Procedures.

All sites in Scotland and Northern Ireland are closed.

This guidance is intended to ensure that any shutdown is safe and allows the site to recommence operations promptly after the suspension is lifted.

Once the lock down is over and people return to work it should be obvious that there will still be a risk of contamination from unclean surfaces and persons still contaminated with the virus and with this in mind this document should be used by companies as a foundation for their own Safe Operating Procedures and Risk Assessment to ensure their staff can safely return to work.

Remember: Each contractor will be required to carry out their own risk assessment that considers all local factors.

To download a copy of the SOPs, click here.

Covid-19 SOP

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