COVID-19: Contractual Issues and SOPs

UPDATE: Coronavirus Covid-19 standard operating procedures & Contractual issues

While the contents of the following blog post is designed for the construction industry and associated trades it should be noted that there is very interesting and important guidance contained within which may prove beneficial for all PERSES clients regardless of the sector as there is significant crossover within each sector.

Please check with your own trade organisation for industry specific statements and guidance.

Further to our blog post on the 27.03.2020 where we highlighted the Build UK guidance (which can be found here

Additional guidance: Advice on Temporary Suspension of Sites, was produced on the 30.03.2020 by the Construction Leadership Council.

Further, Build UK in collaboration with their Legal Partner, Wedlake Bell, issued Guidance for Contractual Issues caused by Coronavirus, which hopefully will give direction and pre-empt any potential issues.

Government Guidance

Government guidance can be found here 

PERSES will forward on a combined SOP for all companies to use if required, this will be based on the above supplied guidance’s and may require to be bespoke to your specific requirements. Please see here.

If you have any questions relating to financial or tax implications as a result of Covid-19 PERSES encourages you to contact the independent tax consultant Mr Alan Thomson on

As always, please forward this onto anyone who may benefit from the contents.

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