COVID-19: Risk Assessment and Course Bookings

Please click here to view our risk assessment in relation to course bookings and click here to view our procedure in relation to running training courses.

Dear Clients,

As you are aware, the UK Government and the NHS have been providing the public with regular advice and updates regarding the evolving situation around COVID-19.

Training and Courses:
As a company providing advice, audits, and training for many sectors across the UK.

PERSES has carried out a risk assessment to ascertain the specific issues with the upcoming courses and we have developed a procedure to ensure that all persons in attendance will not be exposed to the virus.

This risk assessment and procedure is currently being emailed to the currently booked courses and is available for download from our website by clicking the link here.

This is in line with the current guidance offered by CITB.

PERSES is also offering to help reschedule any courses which have been booked free of charge, should any attendees be unable to attend as a result of COVID-19, by relaxing the cancellation and refund policies we have in place.

As UKATA training providers the following advice has been given from UKATA:

“The UKATA board of directors have given serious consideration to methods of training delivery and have agreed the following as an interim measure:

Training for the following courses may be delivered by video conference, using appropriate software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, ZOOM etc.

• Asbestos Awareness
• Asbestos Awareness Refresher
• Duty to Manage – Extension to Asbestos Awareness
• Non-Licensable Refresher (Delegates must complete a TNA prior to the training)

UKATA has also written to HSE to seek clarification and guidance on two key issue, relevant to Licensable and Non-Licensable works with asbestos:

Q: Will there be a grace period for training certificates that are due to expire soon and where workers may not be able to get to a training course to refresh their training. Also, will workers be permitted to work with ACM’s without an in-date certificate of training?

HSE Response: The asbestos regs specifically require competence and describe training as a way towards that. If a worker is competent, they can work. If what is sought is an upcoming course that as been identified through TNA/company planned training then evidence of that planning (booking/letter /invoice / “Letter of Comfort”) is a reasonable approach to show that is going to happen in a reasonable timeframe. Obviously if a worker has shown by poor work standards that he needs a course or has never been trained – then they shouldn’t be working with asbestos in any case. “

Please call or email for further guidance on any training or any issues relating to the same.

Annual Audits

Where possible all annual audit review meetings will be carried out via phone calls, Skype, or similar. The questionnaires and other paperwork is already sent and returned via email.

Advice for our clients

Make all reasonable efforts to avoid unnecessary physical contact with people during this time.

General control measure includes:

  • Any and all collections and deliveries be put at a collection point, or similar eliminate physical contacting with deliver teams and your staff.
  • Companies dealing with internal works we recommend that you request photographs of the works along with a description which should enable you to quote for the works without requiring access internally, where this is not possible we recommend a procedure is followed such as our training course procedure.

All external works can be carried out without contact with others, reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

PERSES employees work all across the UK remotely and therefore we are well versed in working from home. If you require any help on how best to allow your employees to work from home, please reach out to us and we can help.

Please give me a call if you require any specific information.

Stephen McCann
Managing Director of PERSES

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