Liverpool Echo Arena Fire

Liverpool Echo Arena Fire

Echo Arena car park is a post-fire contract. The fire destroyed the integrity of the car park itself as well as more than 1,000 vehicles. The hotel surrounds the structure which was also damaged by the fire which added to the complexity of this project. Howard Stott Demolition carried out all the works that involved progressive defragmentation by high-reach, removal of the vehicles and process of the demolition arisings.

What we did

PERSES team had served expertise throughout and during the project duration.

  1. Periodical Safety Audits
  2. Client Meetings
  3. Method Consultation.
  4. 3D Visual Presentation of the method. 

    We are proud that Howard Stott Demolition have won the World Demolition Awards 2019 for this project for both new entrant and for projects under $1m.

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