St. James Centre Demolition

St. James Centre Demolition

This project involved the safe removal of all internal fixtures and fittings, the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials and the safe demolition of the former St. James’ Shopping Centre, adjoining carparks and the former King James Hotel using a mixture of piecemeal method and progressive fragmentation using a super-high-reach demolition rig from a safe working distance.

The buildings; King James Hotel was approximately 94-meters long x 12-meters wide; St. James Shopping Mall was approximately 4,000-square meters in area; The Scottish Offices were approximately 300-meters long x 10-meters wide (combined); and the Car Parks were approximately 81-meters long x 14-meters wide (combined).

The buildings were predominately constructed of concrete panels outer walls with a mixture of some concrete block/brick inner walls and some timber stud and plasterboard inner walls and reinforced concrete flooring.

This project involved a full range of demolition techniques and processes ranging from super-high reach demolition to deconstruction using remote controlled brokk in conjunction with a tower crane our team has served a full-time on-site safety presence up to the final weeks of the project.

What We Did:

Provide a full time site member to oversee the following:

  • Write and approve the RAMS
  • Carry out daily inspections
  • Carry out temporary works checks
  • Carry out the weekly tool-box-talks
Provided a secondary consultant to: Carry out monthly site audits and issue a report on the progress
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    St. James Centre, Edinburgh
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