Expert Witness Work

In the proceedings of a Court case or Tribunal it is common practice to call on the knowledge of an Expert Witness, so that the members of the court can be better informed to make what are often difficult decisions on matters that they have very little knowledge of. An Expert Witness is privileged to be given access to all the evidence before a case commences, and at the discretion of the court may sit in during the proceedings so that they may be better informed on the particulars of the case. This exchange of knowledge is the key element in the presentation of expert evidence with integrity and substance.

The authority of an Expert Witness’s testimony is based on their experience, but also on their performance. The court room is a very specific kind of stage, with actors in well-defined roles, and where a structure of procedures dominates the flow of the performances. Someone may have a vast amount of experience but if they cannot present that experience in a coherent and appropriate manner in the theatre of the court, their evidence is unlikely to have the weight it deserves.

PERSES staff carries with them the combined experience of giving expert evidence in over 550 cases. The company is one of the most highly respected organisations in the field of Health, Safety and Welfare, and has the resources to offer valuable opinions on a wide range of topics and situations.

It is the opinion of the Expert Witness that matters most, and it is the one thing that distinguishes an Expert Witness from other witnesses. Typically, a witness is questioned about facts and their opinion is disregarded; indeed, there is often the situation where an opinion presented by a witness is ordered to be disregarded for the very reason that it is an opinion. This is where the privilege extended to an Expert Witness can be seen clearly and must be respected.

Normally, expert evidence is sought by a legal team and they will contact a suitable expert, but in almost all cases a defendant or pursuer has the right to call on expert evidence. For further information about this service please enquire through the PERSES office.

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