Zita Zatyko

Zita Zatyko


Zita Zatyko is a Hungarian born health and safety consultant who moved to Scotland in 2014.

Zita has had an interesting life in Hungary first studying for 6-years at college where she studied accounting and bookkeeping, amongst other relevant subjects like labour law, pension law, financing of social insurance; financial and tax law and her favourite of all business entrepreneurship.

After her schooling, Zita first utilised this knowledge at a fairly large institution specialised in providing deaf and hearing-impaired children with education as a bookkeeper, accountant and payroll manager.

Zita, then chasing further business opportunities started work as a bailiff at the Hungarian Revenue and Customs. Following the law faithfully and remain human, sympathetic and understanding with the clients at the same time made the position very challenging for her.

Having moved to Scotland, she finally felt to settle in two main areas that had determined her life and chose to take forward as a lifetime mission for the exciting present and future: those are Health & Safety and Massage Therapy!

Zita started work with Perses in 2016 after meeting Stephen McCann who walked into her massage place a few years back and told her about what he had been doing, she instantly fell in love with his profession and the highly skilled approach he presented towards fire safety.

As it turned out later, it wasn’t only about fire but he (and his firm) represented the whole scale of Health & Safety and Demolition Consultancy.

Stephen began mentoring Zita in Health & Safety Management, fire safety, and risk analysis.

During the last years, Zita has successfully been carrying out Health & Safety Audits, Organization and Monitoring H&S Performance, Risk Profiling, Fire Risk Assessments and PAT testing at companies of various sizes and business types to the full satisfaction of our clients. She has always acknowledged and appreciated the healthy and balanced mind and body that operates in a healthy and safe environment.

Zita is former female light-heavyweight world professional boxing champion (WBF); Kyokushin Karate World Champion on top of national titles in Scotland and Hungary.

Zita was also a member of the Hungarian National Rugby Team and held the position of fitness trainer at her local rugby club.

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