Wet and Drop Demolition Manual

Click here to download and read a demolition manual which was produced for Forth Demolition Ltd for wet & drop of roof sheeting.

PERSES is able to produce demolition manuals for all types of demolition jobs, big or small, to ensure that proper health and safety is employed, together with a divisive strategy for the demolition itself.

We provide a range of world renowned demolition consultancy services across the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, incisive and highly accurate service with an individual approach to every project, as we understand that each client’s needs are different. We aim to exceed your expectations and ensure that every bit of advice we provide is to the highest standard.

• 3rd Party Method Statement

• Risk Assessment Review

• Bespoke Method Statement

• Contractor Selection

• Bespoke 3D Modelling


Disclaimer: This Plan of Work is for demonstration/education purposes only, the content of this should only be used as a guide to form a task specific plan of works as with all method statements.

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